Who is Dr. John Canine?

Dr. John D. Canine, Ed.D., Ph.D., author, professional speaker and leading expert on grief, has over 23 years of experience as a consultant and grief counselor. As president of Maximum Living Consultants, Inc., headquartered in Clarkston, Michigan, Dr. Canine oversees bereavement aftercare services in ten states.

Dr. Canine has worked as an adjunct professor and an associate member of the graduate faculty at Wayne State University in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Department of Mortuary Science. Dr. Canine has published numerous articles and books on topics related to grief. He has served as the staff counselor for the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Lions professional sports teams. Today, as a contributor to Our AfterCare, his body of work, including grief videos, books, and articles are available exclusively through www.Our AfterCare.com.

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