Our Aftercare is an online resource that helps with grief process when a loved one dies. Our videos answer questions such as:

What is GRIEF?

What is GRIEF Counseling?

Why do we GRIEVE and How long does it last?


How to plan for your own death?

How can I PRE-PLAN my own funeral?

Can I pay for my own funeral now?

Why is an actual FUNERAL a beneficial part of the GRIEF Process?

  • Plan your funeral
  • FREE online forms
  • Certified Grief Counselor,
    John Canine, Ph. D.
  • Play, pause, rewind the video
  • Save form data as you go
  • Login and complete later
  • Printout for your records

Pre-Plan Your Funeral Online.

This website provides a user-friendly solution that simplifies the process of filling out "Advance Planning" forms with detailed video instruction. You have the opportunity to start, save and resume the forms at your convenience. When you are done, you can print out your paperwork and bring it to your local funeral home director. The details will be saved online and will be available for both you and the funeral home director to utilize.

You plan for most of your life's important events, you should also plan for your funeral. You and your family will have piece of mind that all your instructions have already been taken care of. Many funeral directors will also fix current prices and allow you to pay in advance at todays rates.

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Click for Advance Planning Form Advance Planning Online Forms - Get started planning today with the most comprehensive advanced planning online program available on the market today! We designed this FREE process so that you can plan your own funeral online. We break the form into short sections and a professional counselor explains each section as you go. This online program is designed with instructional videos that will help you gather just about every detail that your local funeral director will need to complete the planning of your funeral. Once you mark the form complete, you will be emailed the full results and we will also forward a copy to your local funeral director. Your local funeral director will contact you to complete the process and review their current pricing.

We are pleased to present a simplified online process of completing an Advanced Planning form. This will allow you to gather the necessary information with the convenience and in the comfort of your own home. Once this form is completed, you may save it and/or send it via e-mail to your funeral home. Call us at 800-647-4281 for more information.

Click for The Value of a Funeral

The Value of the Funeral Video – In today's fast paced times, people sometimes forget about the healing that needs to take place after a loved ones death. Take a look at our video "The Value of a Funeral" when considering your advance planning.

Funerals serve two immediate purposes. The first purpose is to mourn the loss of the person that died. The second purpose is to celebrate the life of the person that died. Call 800-647-4281 for more information

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Online Grief Counseling Module – View videos covering various grief topics such as death of a spouse, children and death, suicide, death of a sibling, death of a parent and death of a pet.

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